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How To Manage “Stuff” On An Industrial Level : Smart Storage Solutions For Small And Mid-Industrial Companies

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Clutter has become the newest four-letter word. It is evident because of the “modern” or “simple” driven design fads that have become stylish over the last 10 years. The twenty-first century has become defined by trying to simplify and streamline, so the real question is, where has all the “stuff” gone? And what do companies do with the excess when they want to simplify entire buildings and even empires with industrial sized “stuff”?

Luckily, for those companies, conducting business with clutter or storing all the extra things that are no longer needed in a streamlined, efficient age is not the only option. There are a few modern and smart storage solutions like pallet racking installation. The following is a set of organisations that provide fast, accessible, and accurate storage solutions for your industrial company.

ASA – The High-Tech Automated Storage System

ASA (Automated Storage Australia) is a company centred around the customs building and manufacturing automated storage solutions for the small and mid-size industrial companies. Small businesses often don’t have space or resources to house excess materials or steps in production, as this streamlining is key to an efficient production system. ASA’s innovative products are designed to improve warehouse and inventory management, which is a crucial part of any company’s infrastructure. However, no system is perfect, here is a list of the good and bad things about this program.

Pros of ASA –  The High-Tech Automated Storage System


Everything in Your Company is Automated

That means no more dangerous lifting or shifting of cumbersome and bulky materials. It also adds a level of speed and accuracy that isn’t available otherwise without the reliability of automation.

You can Change the System to Fit Your Needs

Because ASA custom builds their products to fit any sized establishment, so the product can be tailored to any need that one might have, which is ideal for smaller companies who might not usually get this opportunity to make their production process as efficient as possible.

Cons of ASA – The High-Tech Automated Storage System


Getting Everything Custom Made Doesn’t Come Cheap

It’s common knowledge that to get a custom made product, you are going to have to pay a little more. The time and effort put into planning a unique approach for your company will cost more than the run of the mill options, be prepared to spend a pretty penny.

Completely Redesigning Your Company is Going to Taking Some Time

To create a streamlined product, you are going to have to be willing to put in the time to make sure you are receiving the best option for your company. Each product is custom-made, so the build time is significant. It’s important to plan ahead for the company you want in the future because the products could take a while to become tangible. For larger products, the wait time may be close to six months before receiving the product.

ALL STORAGE SYSTEMS – The All-Around Industrial Storage Solution

This award-winning Storage Solution Company does just a little bit of everything to make your business the best and most cost efficient company it can be. The company focuses on building streamlining products for almost every industry ranging from automotive storage to pharmaceutical plants storage. Their products are simple, intuitive, and well-built, and are sure to revolutionise and minimalize your company’s process, saving more money for you and making production higher than ever.

ALL STORAGE SYSTEMS focuses on a custom-made program for every company, but ALL STORAGE SYSTEMS is more of the “one size fits all” category. The company can still provide quality products to meet industrial storage needs. To accurately compare the two companies and make a decision regarding how to streamline your business, Let’s have a look at pros and cons of the problem.

Pros of ALL STORAGE SYSTEMS – The All-Around Industrial Storage Solution

The company specialises in mobile storage, which is a unique characteristic in storage facilities

If you find that you need to pick up your company and move it somewhere more cost-effective or closer to an area with more commerce, ALL STORAGE SYSTEMS will move it for you. Some companies find they need to move their inventory, or like the option to relocate it. With ALL STORAGE SYSTEMS, you can move entire stocks of inventory at the click of a button.

The Storage is Extremely Flexible and Can Use for Many Kinds of Storage

ALL STORAGE SYSTEMS creates products that can be very versatile to serve the largest number of consumers. For the company who have several odd shaped items that need to store in the same location, ALL STORAGE SYSTEMS is for you.

The Idea is Simple: No Fuss, No Problem

The easy to use and simple products mean that ALL STORAGE SYSTEMS will be a good fit for a plethora of companies.

Cons of ALL STORAGE SYSTEMS – The All-Around Industrial Storage Solution


The Product is Not Automated, which can be Harder to Manage or Dangerous

ALL STORAGE SYSTEMS’s products require a lot of manpower to make your company the most efficient it can be, and this means more time invested in the redesign of your company and more work to hire people to get the job done. The manual aspect of ALL STORAGE SYSTEMS’s products is a con because they require more manpower and time to maintain and work around


It is Obvious; these are not the only options for making sure there is no waste present in your company. There are many more companies that can provide safe and efficient storage options for the small to mid-size industrial company. The two listed above are to show the variety and options that an owner has when choosing storage options. At any rate, these businesses can go far to provide a better ROI when it comes to inventory and space management for any sized company so that you can make the best product and most revenue possible.